Why I love candles so much

I love candles and lighting a candle is part of my getting ready for bed ritual. I don’t usually spend a lot of time in my bedroom during the day but when I do go in, that is considered my me time. An hour before I sleep I usually go into my bedroom and start with lighting a candle. The sound of the lighter when the flame touches the wick, the flickering light of the candle, the beautiful scent that takes over my room and the ambience a candles sets are all reasons why i love candles. I consider it a gift to myself, a kind of reward after a long and productive day. I switch off the lights and enjoy how my candle flickers and creates that shadow on my bedroom wall, it’s quite soothing to watch and of course the scent of my choice completes the mood I am setting.

Now that you know how important candles are to me, let me tell you a short story:

This is Campagne D’Italie from l’Officine Universelle Buly, I was introduced to this scent on my birthday a few years ago. I was staying at Hotel De Crillon and wanted to shop at their boutique before checking out. I remember seeing this beautiful candle on the counter and the moment I picked it up to smell it I knew this had to come back with me. This is considered one of their signature scents and they describe it by saying: “Hints of leather, bark, earth, pine needles and summer-roasted leaves. The plains, white with sun and crisscrossed by scout honey bees, make for a blinding wait. In the warm shade of the woods, amid the thick silence of the oaks and cedars, the clatter of horses being harnessed, the impatience of restless hoofs, the glare of rifles before the charge” How beautiful is this description?!

Find below the details of the scent:

Head notes: Grapefruit, Bergamot

Heart notes: Nutmeg, Patchouli, Oak

Bottom notes: Cedar, Tonka, Sandalwood, Vanilla

If you are interested in acquiring this candle, please check out this link: https://www.buly1803.com/en/scented-candles/316-scented-candle-campagne-d-italie.html

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  1. Bed time rituals are indeed so sacred, and you’ve described them so beautifully. Thank you for sharing this – adding the candle to my cart as I type this. ????

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