Weightlifting has changed my life!

I’ve always had this misconception that weightlifting immediately means bulking.. I was wrong!!

Let me start by telling you my story:

In the past 10 years, I have tried many workouts: Pilates, Yoga, Swimming, Tennis, Spinning, Cycling, HIIT to name a few. Nothing has changed my body like weightlifting!! I started weightlifting in October 2019 and ever since then I have been hooked! I love everything about it, the challenge, the adrenaline rush, the difference I am seeing month after month. Weightlifting has many benefits which include:

1- Increasing bone density
2- Increasing metabolism
3- Decreasing risk of injury
4- Toning your body
6- Improving flexibility and mobility

and many more ….

Make sure you do your research when starting this journey and pick the right PT that will help you with your alignment and position. Once you ace that, you will be able to progress.

Alongside that, I am aware of what I eat. Strict diets have never worked for me and right now I have found that maintaining a balanced diet works for me. Everybody is different, some love intermittent fasting and some need to eat every 2 to 3 hours- that’s me! I don’t deprive myself of the food I love. If I want to have a burger I will but make sure that the rest of my meals are nutritious. I love chocolate and would go for a small piece to satisfy my craving. Everything in moderation is my way to go and that is how you sustain a balanced lifestyle in my opinion.

Disclaimer: I am not a PT nor a nutritionist, I am only sharing with you what worked for me.

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